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Oz's Retirement Gift

Linden Lab


Oz Linden Retiredment Gift.jpg

After about 11 years at Linden Lab, Oz Linden recently took his much-deserved retirement and we miss him dearly. 

To celebrate Oz and his many contributions to the community, Linden Lab commissioned talented artist Bryn Oh to create a special bronze sculpture of his avatar as a retirement gift. Using an image of his avatar as a reference, Bryn created Oz in a very unique way -- the infamous Second Life “away” pose..

“I felt it was nice to make Oz in "away" because maybe retirement it's more of an adieu than a goodbye,” says Bryn in a recent Flickr post.oz linden bronze

After keeping the project a secret for the past couple of months, Oz received the gift this week.

“I am overwhelmed. Bryn Oh! - I feel as though I have an original Rodin that I modeled for!,” he says.

We at Linden Lab also want to thank the lovely and talented Bryn Oh for creating this thoughtful piece for Oz. And to Oz, we miss you and hope you are enjoying your retirement! 

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