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Cycling Made in Second Life - SL Cycling Federation

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Meet Alistar Snook, the owner of the Second Life Cycling Federation, a venue that is dedicated to biking. Ignite your passion for cycling by joining their group and participating in their weekly events.

Learn more about the history of SLCF From Alistar:

Bill Jobs founded The Second Life Cycling Federation (SLCF) in early 2021 to promote cycle racing in Second Life. One of Bill’s tracks was the alpine road at Breakaway region, in association with the Chamonix sports event complex.

Scripter and SL content creator Claire had been racing in the group for a while when she offered to help Bill re-script his basic bike in a more optimized way. 

Bill is absent from SL now, but we did not want his SLCF creation to fade away so in January 2023 we began to rebuild the Federation.

Claire made a new bike using some of Bill’s previous bike mesh, and added many new features.

The SLCF group is free to join. We hold races usually Saturdays 2pm SLT and of course provide free bikes.

We modify the track route each week - sometimes at Breakaway, and sometimes we get invited to visit other roads and tracks like Hell On Heels group at Bikers Bay, at LC Racing Circuits, and the Rebel Riders group.

There is a Fastest Lap challenge that is open all week, then we race that road at the weekend. It is easy to get started, but harder to master than you might expect!

Some people are very competitive and practice a lot to win, and others just ride for fun and to make new friends.

We hope one day that Bill might return, and while we wait for that day we will ride our bikes!

See you on the track!”

Website with all results: https://slcfederation.altervista.org 
Discord (includes a lot of other Second Life Sports)
Flickr (also includes other SL sports)


Cycling Made in SL.png

Video Production by Draxtor Despres
Logo by Marianne McCann


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