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Enforcing Viewer Login MFA

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We previously announced a grace period following the release of multi-factor authentication support in the Viewer so that third-party viewers had time to implement it. Well, the "near future" we mentioned has arrived! We rolled out a login change today that requires MFA Capable viewers for accounts that have MFA enabled in their preferences. If a viewer is not MFA Capable yet, then those accounts will no longer be able to log into Second Life using that viewer.

If you haven't done so already, please see the wiki for details on the new login parameters needed to make your viewer MFA Capable.


If you haven’t turned on MFA for your own account, visit the knowledgebase article for instructions on how to do so. MFA provides additional protection in the event of a phishing incident or other password compromise. When you speak for your third-party viewer project, the authenticity of your voice in Second Life really counts!

UPDATE: Please note that MFA is opt-in and this only affects those Residents that have enabled MFA on their accounts. We recommend all Residents take advantage of this extra security feature!

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