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New Features: Inventory Item Preview and Single Folder View

Linden Lab


We are pleased to announce two new inventory features today. We think you will find both of them very useful!

Inventory Item Preview

Many of us have very large inventories. You can now add preview images to your inventory items to help you find your favorite items more quickly. Looking for exactly the right shoes out of your huge collection? Adding previews to these items will make it much faster to find them. Then you can buy even more shoes -- or whatever it is you like to collect in SL!
Finding this new feature is easy. The option menu for inventory items, including folders, now has the option “Image.”  There is no L$ charge for uploading an image as an item preview.
Merchants and creators can add previews to their delivery folders and items, and you will see them in your inventory with no extra effort on your part.
For textures and snapshots, you do not need to add previews yourself. The Viewer will show previews automatically. You’ll see your texture packs and photo album as you’ve never seen them before!

Single Folder View

The other new feature is what we call Single Folder View. This allows you to see the contents of a single inventory folder in its own window. 
Reorganizing your inventory?  Let’s say you want to put all of your shoes in a new folder “All Shoes” and another new folder “All Boots.”  You can create those folders, open a single-folder view on each of them, and drag items from your main inventory into those folders. No more scrolling and carefully aiming your cursor to drag into the intended folder!
Single folder view works well alongside the traditional scrolling view you know and (maybe) love. You can use either view, or switch between them on a window-by-window basis. Single folder view is entirely optional for the traditionalists among you.
Single folder view also makes it easy to see item previews. By default, the single folder view will show you any previews attached to items inside that folder. Items without previews will appear in the usual way as lines of text. There are two other views -- all previews, or all text. It’s up to you, but our favorite is the combination view.

Project Viewer

To use these new features, you will need a viewer that supports them. Currently you can download the project Viewer from the Alternate Viewers page.

Examples of these features in action

Adding a preview to an inventory item:


Taking snapshots to add as previews for several inventory items:


Combination view in a single folder window showing a combination of items with and without preview images:


You can also use a texture already in your inventory to attach to an inventory item!


Saving a preview for Sky settings:


If you find issues or unexpected behavior, file a Jira issue! 

Mini FAQ

  1. Is there a size limit on preview images? 
    Yes, a maximum of 256x256
  2. What is the cost to upload preview images?
    It’s free!
  3. Which items can preview images be applied to?
    • Clothing
    • Body parts
    • Gestures
    • Environment settings
    • Calling cards
    • Landmarks
    • Notecards
    • Scripts
    • Objects
    • Folders
  4. What about no-mod items?
    You can add preview images to no-mod items as well.
  5. Will inventory item preview persist?
    Yes, items with previews attached to them will persist when rezzed in world and taken back into inventory. Previews will also persist if an object is added to inventory and then taken back out.
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