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Coming Soon: Server Release 2023.06

Signal Linden


Second Life's next Server regular maintenance release is scheduled to roll out to the full grid next week (2023/06/27.) This update contains quality of life improvements for builders and several bug fixes.


Max linkset size now 64 meters

The maximum size for a linkset has been 54 meters since 2010. This has posed problems for builders as it is smaller than the maximum object size of 64m. In order to allow creators to do things like create a house out of a single large mesh object and link furniture on either sides of it we have bumped the max linkset size to match max object size.


Old (54m) and new (64m) max linkset sizes.


HTTP PATCH and HEAD support

Scripters who interact with external web services and APIs can now use HTTP PATCH and HEAD methods with llHTTPRequest.

Ability to detect bot status

You can now detect if an agent is an identified scripted agent ("bot") using llGetAgentInfo.

llCreateLink sleep time reduced

Scripts can now create links 10x faster: llCreateLink sleep time has been reduced from 1s to 100ms!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where groups could be accidentally disbanded when removing a single agent
  • Fixed an issue where group owners could not leave a group
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent objects with LinksetData containing certain keys could not be rezzed or attached

For a complete list of features and bug fixes see the release notes: 2023-06-09.580543

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