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Meet Micheal (mjvusl), a brand new virtual world Resident that has already done over 100 shows in Second Life!

Learn more about Micheal from this short interview and video as the next installment in our Made in Second Life series!

Hi MJ, tell us more about yourself.

My name is Micheal. Before anything else, I'm a dad to two amazing children who are full of life, super talented, extremely intelligent, and truly a blessing to know and watch grow. After that, I’m a live performing singer-songwriter. I collaborate with many engineers and producers but I usually produce my own music. I play a wide array of musical instruments and my favorites are keys and percussion. I feel it’s very important to my career to understand the business side of music so I’m also an entrepreneur. I own multiple businesses outside of music and entertainment while also consulting others with their businesses and ventures. 

How long have you been in Second Life and how has your experience been so far?

I came to SL in November of 2022. Compared to other platforms, SL provides a life-like feeling to its residents. It allows me to create my likeness in its entirety, from facial and body structure as well as my voice. I’m even able to move like myself. The people here are so kind and supportive. The platform is an artists’ playground made by the residents for the residents. The staff is unlike any other that I’ve ever encountered. They are very helpful and invested in the work they do here. 

You write original tunes as well as covers, are you going to write and produce more originals? Is that where the train is headed?

I’m always writing and my experiences in SL inspire me to write many more songs. I intend to write about my journey here in SL, songs based on relationships I’ve built here, and the overall poetic and artistic value of this open-ended world. 

Tell us more about the types of gigs you do.

I’ve performed in-world and IRL at weddings, baby showers, nightclubs, music festivals, private dining events, award shows, charity events, and grand openings. The list goes on and on. I have no limits, I go where I am called and prepare a set that is specific to the event and the people in attendance. I produce my own backing tracks that allow me to collaborate with anyone at any time, granted they are able and willing to do so.

Do you have any advice for musicians not familiar with playing music in virtual worlds?

My advice to musicians is if you’re looking to travel the world in a short amount of time come to Second Life. Performing virtually is the future and SL makes it so easy to recreate your likeness and take your show on the virtual road. A lot of times I travel in the physical world and I’m able to perform in virtual reality between RL shows and while at the venues I’ll be performing at. You can put on a whole concert in Indonesia while at home in New York wearing a robe.

Nobody is doing everything all by themselves and especially in SL we have a wonderfully collaborative atmosphere. Feel free to give a shout-out to your friends and collaborators!

Ok, I might forget a lot, but notable people include: Alix Constant and ACI Muzik, Carmen Lashay aka Brielle Armani and Micheal LIVE,  Vrutega, Tarah Chosen, Lucille Antoinette, Cassel Patheos Goorin, Jason Sutton, Combination- My Band, Johnny of Paragon Dance Animations, Sabreen Fanci Reign, Taboo Reign, Glamaris Montclair,  Cherry Rodriguez, Cece Alessi, Novel and Mae Hooly and Hoolyville Records including Eyema Straaf-Yazimoto, CEO of CheBeddu Choreography, Jay Trilogy and Rico Rodex of HBAM (Hustle By Any Means) Ent., Sabina Valeska and Cali Gula from AVTV, Nesto, Tekila, Horrorz and my whole Smokefest Family, Omega Nu Theta, SecondLife, Mason Santiago, Chris Brown SL, Kitora Yong and Pretty Yong Thang for designing my skin based off of my RL likeness, Mr. Red and his lovely wife, Victoria. Kirie Cho Marani, David Heather, Javon and Exeter, and the whole Second Life community. 

Check out Micheal’s linktree and attend his next show, live in Second Life!


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Video Production by Draxtor Despres
Logo by Marianne McCann

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