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A New Second Life Membership Plan!

Linden Lab



As we approach the holidays, we’re excited to roll out several shiny new updates to our offerings. 

From now on, our European residents will no longer need to pay VAT charges on any of our membership plans.

Continuing the theme of giving you more for less: We’re reducing the price of owning your piece of Second Life. We want to put Mainland ownership within reach of many more residents, because we think having land of your own is one of the key parts of Second Life. In addition to the free allotment that comes with each membership level, we’re lowering the price at 1/8 region (8,192 m2) and higher by over 5%. As of today, the new pricing looks like this:


And how about that new membership plan? We’re calling it Plus! We already have Premium Plus, but this is Plus for the rest of us! For just $5.50/month (annual billing), you can take advantage of these newly reduced mainland prices without having to shell out for all of the other Premium features. 


Plus lets you dip your toe in the water -- get yourself a plot of mainland, a few more groups to play around in, and enjoy a weekly stipend -- all for the price of a pumpkin spice latte. Unlike the latte, the joy will last you all month!

So what are you waiting for? Give Plus a try and enhance your Second Life.

For more information about Plus, read the Plus Membership FAQ. For more information about all of our membership plans, check the Knowledge Base.

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