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Extending MFA Protection to Viewer Login

Linden Lab


We are pleased to announce we have added MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) protection to the Viewer. Recently we added MFA to web login. Now it works with Viewer login as well.

To start using it, you will need to enable MFA for your account on this page: https://accounts.secondlife.com/mfa/status 

For more info about how our existing MFA works, see Introducing Multi-Factor Authentication for your Second Life Account and the Knowledge Base Article

You will need to download and install an MFA-enabled Viewer: https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/ 

When you try to log in with an MFA-enabled Viewer, you will be prompted to enter a token from your authenticator app. If you have chosen to save your password information, a valid token will be saved for 30 days.  After 30 days your next login attempt will require another token.

For now, if you try to log in with a Viewer that is not MFA-enabled, nothing will change, and you will still be able to log in without a token.  However, if you have opted in to MFA then a token will be required for all Viewer logins beginning in the near future.

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