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how can I change a group name

can anyone tell how to change a group name please.

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Can't. Which is BS. 

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Group names can't be changed. This is because Linden Lab rather short-sightedly coded SL's servers and viewers so that group names and avatar names are the actual "unique key" that the software searches on for identity. Even though all groups, individuals and the like have a unique UUID key, the code as written can't support merely reassigning a new name to an existing UUID key. That UUID was something they added later, for scripted ID checks. But THEY just check avgainst the actual name field too!

The only thing you can do is create a new group, invite the members of the old group to join the new one, and transfer any deeded property (land or deeded objects) from the old group to the new one.

I'd advise keeping at least three people (with at least one being the owner) in the old group for a month or so after the transition, to make sure you have all the land and objects properly transferred, before disbanding the old group. Once the old group has only one member for more than 48 hours, it will be disbanded and that group name can never again be exactly re-created or reactivated.

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It's actaully something I am very interested in. Mainly because contratry to popular belief it actually can be done. I know this for a fact because I had a groups name changed. I recently inqured about having a different groups name changed and the response I got this time was 'it can no longer be done'. This is very unfortunate since groups are so vital to the day to day operations in SL. Just another downfall / reason SL has taken such a dive.

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Sorry, you can't:

Once created, a group's name cannot be changed. Nor, it appears, can it be re-used.

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