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Downloads needed for watching inworld videos and films...

What program do I need to download  in order watch movies and videos on my inworld TV and laptop?  I have Adobe Flash Player on my system but I also need an additional 'plugin' program.   I think is was 'Plugin...(.something)

I asked this question some time back and got a very good answer.  I was directed to a site where i could download the plugin program I needed and it all went smoothly.

However, I have just had a rare major disaster with my computer.  My disk drive 'died' on me completely the other day and I have lost every ounce of information.  So I have had to buy a new drive and start from scratch.  All my data has been wiped out.   I have had to upload everything from the beginning.

If anyone knows what the name of this program is I would be grateful if they could send me the information again.  I cannot recall the name of the site.  Even some of my Google favorites have disappeared.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi Fidelity! You need Quick time:


And also Media Plugin Webkit:


Make sure the Flash Plugin is the original one provided by Adobe:






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There are two different versions of Adobe Flash Player. If you use Internet Explorer, by default you will download the one for Internet Explorer which does not work with Second Life. You need to get the version of Adobe Flash Player made for "Other Browsers".  See   http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/    It is OK to have both versions of Flash Player installed at the same time.

If you re-install or replace Second Life viewer, you should then un-install and re-install Flash Player to be sure Flash Player connects correctly with the new Second Life viewer.