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Mesh question

Hello. I want to buy a full perm mash tee shirt, color it and put my name on it . I was wondering if anyone knew of a tutorial that would go through the steps and what programs I would need to do it. ( I have Photoshop and DAZ Studio) This is the tee shirt I would like to use:

      Thank you so much for your help


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Re: Mesh question

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I would have a look at the clothing tutorials Wiki.  You just need PS, I see the item you have linked comes with a psd download so that may have some sample textures so you can see how they have textured the mesh so you can get some ideas on what to do.


To show yourself as the creator you need to make a root prim which is easy to do, just rez a box in world scale it down, then edit the texture and make it transparent then change the transparency to 100%.  Then you select/edit the mesh item then hold shift and select the prim you made and link them, it should now show you as creator.  Now just edit linked and move the prim inside the mesh and your done.


Hope this helps.


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Re: Mesh question

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From what I understood, you can do that very easily. Just open the template that comes with it, as seen in the second picture of the shirt.

Open it on Photoshop, and just write your name with the Type Tool. Place it where you want, and save it. After that, just upload the texture to SL, and put it on the mesh t-shirt  Smiley Happy


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