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Shanti Bohemian Shop looking for an assistant or two!

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We are just starting out, so I dont have a lot to give but will pay you 100L a week and free clothes, privacy screens and goodies each week.  Smiley Happy  Job entails:


Greeting customers at the shop, being outgoing and friendly (cause I am an introvert!  lol), calling out letters for lucky chairs and such to the group.  Helping during events...  

Hope to find one or two reliable ladies!   Your pay will grow as the shop does so come and be a part of my team!  Smiley Happy  I am generally quiet and wont bug you much, just let you do your thing while you work.  I am online but afk a lot.  I know folks are located all over so just a few days a week, a couple of hours each day, would be a great help!


Come check out the shop to get a feel and if you are interested, leave me a notecard pls- IM me in world Arielle Simondsen.  the shop is at

Arielle Jishnu
Shanti Bohemian Shop