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Models needed...

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New Adult Modelling venture for SL...
Human models required not frightened to show off their body
Also must be willing to work with both Male and Females
AV must be over 30 days and verified - you can be under 30 days if your an alt but alt details must be disclosed
You will be required to prove you are Male or Female by voice verification

Must have...

HQ skin
Good Quality Hair
Decent adult body Parts
Decent feet (especially Females)

You must be comfy in front of the Camera as well as happy to have your picture on a website and there may even be Adult videos made
Experience not needed

To start with Pay will be limited in linden form until we grow but all images will be available for you to keep if you require them

I am also the CEO of a Model Agency in SL so you may be asked to join that and be involved in print work there and if your looking to be on the Runway we offer training courses

Please contact Selina Winterwolf via either private IM in the Forum or in world via IM or NC

Thank you

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Re: Models needed...

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I believe that modeling is purfect for me. I don't have any experience.  I have good hair, good skin , lol i have the parts, and decent feet. I'm not afraid of the camra either. I'd rather model than work at some other boring job.