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How do i save textures to my computer

Forgive me if this is a common question. I'm new here and I've reacently bought some textures from the marketplace but i cant seem to save them to my computer. i found the textures that i bought under the objects folder in my inventory and i dont see where it says save as or anything when i try to double click my avatar is wearing the sample picture of the texture from the market place. How do i see my textures i just bought and save them to my computer?

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Go into your inventory, find the texture you want (usually in the Textures folder, double click on it and it will open a window that displays the texture.  There will be a Save As button there that allows you to save the texture to your computer.  Note that the Save As button will only be available if the texture has the proper permissions.

Also note these instructions are for Viewer 2.  If you are using a different viewer the procedure may be slightly different.


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first thing you need to do is unbox the textures so they are in a folder in your inventory. then open them and - depending on which viewer you are using - it's either a "save as..." option on the image itself, or you can go to top menu: file > save as. in phoenix viewer you have the option to save it as either .png or .tga. very useful for textures with alpha channels =)

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