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Hi ."you have disconnected from the region you were in" Brauche hilfe!!!
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Ich kann nicht in SL eingehen ich bekomme die Mitteilung"you have disconnected from the region you were in"ю Ich versuchte, die Region zu tauschen, aber es hat das Ergebnis nicht gebracht.


Unfortunately, I still can not log into SL. The message "Unable to connect. The packages do not reach the login server." Has already passed the 6 hours, as there is no connection. Help me, answer me  what I can do?

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Look at the grid status. Maintenance is ongoing.


[Updated] Inventory DB Maintenance

[Updated 05:07am PST, 10 January 2012] We will be beginning the scheduled inventory database maintenance shortly.

[Posted 06:00am PST, 09 January 2012] On Tuesday, January 10th, from 5:00am to 6:30am PST we will be conducting maintenance that will result in some residents not being able to login and some residents already inworld may be logged out. It may also prevent inventory from loading. Please keep an eye on this blog post for updates.

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Hello NatashaRomasha and welcome to SL Forums. We have currently issues in world but it is possible to log in a different region like Smith, Exeuxoa or Anzere. Give a try.

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