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linden labs contact numbers

How do I delete an old pay pal account to linden lab and  reinstate an new pay pal to linden lab  to a new bank account




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Billing support phone numbers

Toll-Free (US/Canada)




Our Billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Local Toll-Free numbers
  • France: 0805.101.490
  • Germany: 0800.664.5510
  • Japan: 0066.33.132.830
  • Brazil: 0800.762.1132
  • Spain: 800.300.560
  • UK: 0800.048.4646
  • Support is in English Only

If none of those free numbers work for you, use Skype if you can to call the long distance number.

However, you can do it yourself on your dashboard > account > billing information. You can replace your old payment methods by the new ones. Choose "add" and once your new paypal is registered, delete the old one.

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