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  1. I have been following up with Linden Labs abuse appeals of course.. As for everything else I am pretty much as confused as you are as far as knowing what is going on. I go to log onto secondlife with my original account to find out that it was unable to log onto it and it gives me a number to calll. I call this number and after some delgation of explaining how to spell my name i was told that my account was terminated. further knowledge of this came when I checked my email and got a message from Linden Labs saying my account has been terminated. So I can't log into Secondlife nor can I log into Xstreet with the account without getting this auth fail message: Are you having a little trouble with your password or security question? We can get this straightened out by talking to you. Please call us: (866) 476-9763. I get this same message When I try to log into Second Life under this account as well.. Why I am still able to log onto here i am unclear of. In all honesty I don't believe i should of been able to but of course as everyone can see I have. As for the situation at hand, I am aware now that sharing IMs with a third party is against ToS. I read the TOS back when I first made my account. I don't re read it religiously like it was a bible though perhaps after this I should . What was in those PM that took place with another user could be what I was being terminated for. which was why I began looking into the situation and recalling what was the last thing that took place before my termination... The more I am continuing this the more complicated it seems to be getting =S I just want to find out what happened to my account and find out how to get it back.. And I dont see any reason I would bother posting this onto the forums if it was all a lie. Everything I have been posting has been the truth. It is just complex and confusing to you as much as it is to me....
  2. I was unaware wiether I was allowed to give up that sort of information upon demand. And with the current situation the individual demand it from me.. As for follwing up I have been. I am only waiting for them to respond... Been a long wait so far
  3. But the thing is the person who reported me wasn't the person i was chatting with, it was the person that asked for the logs themselves and then used them to report me. they didnt over hear the conversation because it was all in PM not in world. The only reason why the other individual asked for the logs was because they found out something was going on and wanted the information from me to get "my side of the story". Which I foolishly gave up... if anything they shouldn't hold any rights to other peoples conversations that they were not incolved in, Such a thing should be an invasion of personal information weither it is a violation or not, that information wasn't theres to share. Nor should I have given it to them because they had no right to ask for it seeing as that was a personal information betwen me and another person. Not the person who asked for it.
  4. It was PM's of individuals in game. Say i right click you and send you an Im option from the pie menu and i chat with you. Now someone else in particular hears about this information and asks for it. I give them this information which they use this information and report me... Not the person I was chating with but someone else entirely that was a part of the group i was in at the time. cause that's basically what happened..
  5. So even if say the private im's wasn't taken in context of what was going on in world? And I never given anyone consent to use the Private IMS to be used either... Nor did I tell them they were Private IMS
  6. Hello, My account was terminated with evidence that was taken from the private messages I had. Now i read that under The guidelines written in the Community Standards,  Paragraph 4, Disclosure: "Remotely monitoring conversations, posting  conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are all  prohibited in Second Life and on the Second Life Forums. Would that mean that the evidence my account was banned over is void?
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