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  1. sorry, I guess i should have said, "where can I rent DVDs in SL?"
  2. I used to buy movies from millions media, but apparently they aren't around now, and I can't seem to find other dvd rental/purchase places. Is it even a thing anymore? Thanks!
  3. Idk what was causing it exactly but I stripped down to nothing and added everything back again and the problem was gone, so you may have been close to right. even though I didn’t see a shoe base or socks in my ‘worn’ folder, something had to be the culprit!
  4. I recently returned to SL after a 2 year hiatus and discovered that everything is BOM now! So I updated my 4.1 body to a 5.1 body but now my feet won’t rez. They’re just greyed out no matter how long I stand there, no matter how many times I refresh textures or tp to other sims. I’ve tried relogging and having redeliveries of new bodies but still the same problem. Other Avis tell me that they see them greyed out too, so it’s not just on my end. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  5. For some unkown reason I am no longer able to log into SL for more than a few minutes, if I am lucky. And then when I am successful I frequently get messages saying that my gestures were unable to load. I have an excellent internet connection and an running SL on a gaming laptop (asus G60). I don't seem to have any problem running any other games with internet connectivity. One in a blue moon i am able to log in successfully without major difficulty and then things run as they should, but that is very rare--1% of the time at best. Time of day, etc. seems to be irrelevant and successful l
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