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  1. Dont update to the latest drivers. They are currently unstable. Try this suggestion i posted in another topic. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/AMD-ATI-Lag-Issues-WIth-Viewer-3-FIX/td-p/1107409
  2. Hi Derry I have tested with viewer 3 and firestorm. They both work equally well with the driver setup i posted however, i have a very beefy system so its hard to notice much difference. In general tho i believe firestorm/phoenix always seemed to do more on the gpu side. I think since firestorm uses a huge amount of base code from viewer 3 its not the case so much. HTH Drager
  3. Hey Charlotte, There is a slight misconception about my post. There are actually 2 parts. One is rolling back to 11.7 which will include opengl drivers. However they will not give you the performance boost just stability. The second part is to download the link for the openGL preview drivers. These specifically update the opengl drivers for your card and overwrite the 11.7 opengl drivers. What this achieves is stability of the regular 11.7 overall graphic drivers and the improved performance of the opengl 4.2 Preview drivers. Both are needed to get the most out of the card.
  4. I thought this may help someone as it helped me. This only affects AMD ATI Radeon graphic cards. *DISCLAIMER* use at your own risk i am not responsible for any damage caused to your computer by using beta drivers After spending alot of time testing between my different gaming machine setups i found a driver combo that runs viewer 3 great. First 11.8 catalyst drivers are very problematic, especially if you are running crossfire(dual gpu) setup like me. So for overall stability i'd recommend rolling back to the 11.7 drivers. Secondly there is a preview version of OpenGL 4.2 drivers which are *Amazing* download immediately and thank me later. For Windows Click here For Linux Click here These drivers along with the viewer 3 beta drivers makes the experience smooth as butter. *For me anyways* *NOTE* So make sure you install the 11.7 drivers first then install the opengl drivers overtop of the 11.7 drivers. The opengl drivers only affect the opengl drivers used. So if u have 11.8 and install the opengl 4.2 preview drivers you'll still be 11.8 basic graphics drivers which are unstable. Let me know if these work for you. Drag ~
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