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  1. i have given up ~reverted back to an old linden home....this is too frustrating and refreshing every 5 seconds did nothing ....i missed the one time i saw a house boat....so yes i went back today to an old home....maybe they will do a few more areas with volume where everyone can get a chance to get a new home and not loose in the 7 second frenzy with a million others...i have better things to do in SL then having my computer refresh from 12midnight slt to 2pm slt....since we have no clue when the new homes are released...they said MON WED FRI..... dont think so as i saw nothing 12 hours of refreshing....good luck Second Lifers
  2. well i have given up on getting a NEW Home now, reverted back to the old linden home...i have tried EVEYTHING for two weeks, read the different threads on how to....and no such luck, and i so do not come into SL to get frustrated, RL does a good job on that....so i will wait after this frenzy of new homes settles and SL can design more communities in volume and not snatched up in 7 seconds.....until then back to the old ways...with PEACE
  3. game? i dont see SL as a game pinches myself....i am real ....might want to add a bit of kindness ....that will help alot....and never indicated that there was any specific preference " time zone, how old your account is, how long you've been premium, you gender, sexuality, height, weight, or financial status" in getting a NEW Linden home....just thought there might be a better way of doing this....i know for a fact alot of us dont come to SL to get frustrated...got enough of that in RL....so yes....a bit of kindness would help alot from responses....shrugs...
  4. Being in SL since 2009 and always had a Linden home was VERY excited to see the NEW homes and House boats....amazing concept and idea and i thank Linden for this....so i did abandon my old linden home, which i had since 2009 and have tried numerous times with no such "luck" even getting a new linden home....actually i am a bit frustrated....living in the pacific 3 hours behind SL i stayed up with lols of coffee and did paper work Friday to purposely try to get a home. Never once did i see it in the get your home section, and found out when i woke up today that the homes were given gone by 7am....i find it odd as i was up SL time before that for 4 hours and never seen it once.....personally i feel there should be a kind of waiting list for people who want a NEW home ....i so love the House Boats...what an amazing concept.....but at least with a waiting list ...there is hope and encouragement...that you will get a home....right now i am not very encouraged.....any feed back on this would be good.....chuckles and it says i am a noobie maybe to this forum but been in SL since 2009 smiles happy
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