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  1. I'm currently having the same issues as Cuore Capalini right now. It is simply just saying "login failed." You may need to contact a linden for your problem.
  2. My inventory won't update or sync with my main world inventory. I have nothing save for the bare basics. I'm trying to make clothes and attachments for a specialty avatar, but I cannot obtain the base avatar in Aditi in order to make sure things fit. I have changed my password and waited 24 hours, as well as following any other instructions I could find. Nothing has worked.
  3. I asked someone in world. I got a bit of a convoluted answer, but I did get [most of] my issues with the deformation fixed. It all boiled down to not including joint positions when uploading. That's all. It poses another problem, but I can figure it out, I hope.
  4. New development: I played with the model some. I do not know what is different, but now when I put the tail on, my avatar disappears. I assume it's actually been moved somewhere far far far far far far away. I don't even...
  5. [BLENDER POST] This should be basic. Make a kid's-sized five-jointed mertail.  I made a simple mock-up (very simple) of the mertail. Uploaded to second life. It animates the same as Bakemonoya's five-jointed mertail with the Bakemonoya mermaid AO, but as you can see, this child has erectile problems, and his arms have gone all over the place! This should be simple. Model, apply weights, import. Why is this happening, and how can I fix it? Is there a way to disable bones that are not being used or something? Now onto another problem. I made a shirt, but it has military style straps on the shoulders (I forgot what these were called). These, and the buttons on the sleeves did not get weighted to the skeleton, even though it's all one mesh. What's different is that they were modeled separately, and then merged with the shirt mesh. The buttons are an easy fix, but when I try to weight paint on the strap, it distorts horribly. Is there another trick to merging the mesh that I am not aware of? It's already one peice.  Hopefully no one's neck would bend like that anyway.
  6. At least that's the only way I can really describe it. I'm making a Mesh avatar, but even after following the instructions to a T, I'm still having issues.
  7. Well point in in a direction where I can get something else.
  8. Ripped or not, I still want one. Though to be honest, the ones that were clearly based on an existing fantasty creature (Boco, Cait Sith) didn't look much like them.
  9. I had to leave SL for a couple of weeks due to outside reasons. Looks like the Manticore shop (the shop that had the really cool pets) closed while I was gone. Sad thing is, I signed in with the intention of finally buying many of their items. Their profile clearly states that they can no longer sign into SL, but it said ". All items are available with full perms, message me for one!" So I was wondering if anyone has or knows where I can find the full perm pets ...or not. I just want the freaking deer and buck so much!
  10. Other than resizing, what does sculpy/normal prim clothes and items have over Mesh? Or is there no other advantages?
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