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  1. Thank you Gina. I don't know where the Zexpo would have been without you. Since you have been helping me with AviewTV, I feel that your a very valuable asset to our cause and project. It was a blast doing the events there, and thanks to Selene Jashan for her involvement. In closing this comment, if I can help you in anyway, please don't hesitate to ask
  2. Personnaly, I like the names Zindra & Adult together, no Vortex. Sounds like a place ya get lost in or swept up in, or pardon the pun, sucked into. Let's do Adult Zindra, or Adult Zindra Help. Something sticks with the letters AZ. First and last letters, encompass all in between. This should render good results in search engine, kills porn and is socially more acceptable.
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