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  1. I would be interested in the views of anyone with any sound and accurate knowledge in this area. I have extensively researched this subject and I stare in wonder as I watch Linden Lab allow this apparently illegal pirating to run under their noses. When I can buy say, The Hunger Games, for $L450 (Approx £1.20) at a SL video store and watch it forever and show it to the public and have the pleasure of its awful quality in Second Life, when I can buy the movie for £13.99 (L$5500 approx) for my own private use say at BlockBusters, I know something is not right. These SL movie selling places offer something like 1600 movies to buy. I think this whole area is a considerable amount of potential illegal commerce that Linden Lab is facilitating. Thoughts anyone?
  2. How fabby! Thank you everyone for your brill IMs and replies here, much appreciated.
  3. Anyone know of anyone who is anyone willing and able to take on this wonderful task in support of the exciting new development that is the LL sponsored Adult Hub in SL? We need a webmaster to create, maintain and keep secure a .com site. Person needs to be trustworthy, sincere, skilled, patient, reliable and with a sense of humour & OK with Adult content! Does this ring any bells with anyone?
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