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    How can I remove pathfinding from my sim?
  2. The sims have been sold. Thanks for all who displayed interest.
  3. It costs me L$28,000 to sell a region - I will sell any one of mine for L$56,000 and you can have the tenants on the sim. Not fully rented but there is some space. Your tier will be $295 USD/month. Buy a new sim for $1000 USD or buy one of mine for $100 USD. I have three for salel.
  4. Kitty Tully

    Class 4 Tier

    I have a class 4 sim with tier of $195 USD per month. If I sell the sim to someone else, does tier stay the same?
  5. Are you interested in a partially tenanted sim? I have four sims I'm going to sell.Contact Kitty Tully in world.
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