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  1. Exactly, that's why I was surprised to not be able to find anything that could do that. And yea, as for privacy, if someone with EM rights can see your scripted objects, why can 't you see your own? I think it could open many people's eyes as to the amount of sim recourse they unknowingly take up. Thanks for your advice!
  2. thanks for your reply! I wouldn't be interested in anything that measures an avatar attachments, because, renters in this sim should have the freedom to wear whatever they want (within reason of course). To me it matters more what scripty objects they rezz, which effects me too even if the tenant isn't online or in the sim. I was actually referring to the estage Manager tool, the debug Tab - Top scripts. Where it shows how much Ms all scripts in the sim are using, and it shows how much Ms each scripted object uses, who the owner of the scripted object is, and so on. In this tab it's clear to see by clicking on the Time column, who and what uses the most Ms in the sim. If there only was a simple tool that could display this Top Scripts window to the tenants, maybe they would have more understanding of the amount of lag their objects can cause. But if it requires sensors and such, like you said, to even find objects in a close range, then it seems useless to even try. I have no knowledge of scripts or how they work, all I know is, the higher the Ms number in my sim, the more lag we experience
  3. Hi! I'm Estate Manager of a sim (homestead), we live on half of the sim, the other half we are renting out. Our usual problem with renters is that they don't realise how much lag their prim babies and breedables and pets and whatnot, create. One renter had a prim baby out that used more scripts than my whole other half of the sim. It seems impossible to explain this to people, they just think I'm nagging. I've been trying to find a tool that can show them in a simple way, how much sim recources their objects use. Maybe a tool that I could rezz in a corner of their land. So far, I've only found tools that show the script time of the whole sim, but that's not what I'm looking for. I want renters to be able to SEE what their own objects do. Anyone knows a solution?
  4. it's been like this all morning now. Seems to be mainly a texture, skin and layers loading issue
  5. Let's hope so. Even though my face looks a whole lot better now it's all grey
  6. I'm having the same issues. Avatar doesnt rezz, reset default avatar doesnt help, tp ing, clearing cache, nothing helps. Also logging in gets stuck a lot, it seems to be a server issue but I cant find any reports yet
  7. The question is in this case, why do so many people follow blindly whatever lands on their plate (notices, blogs) They see a message about a fundraise, and they rush to "do good" which itself is awesome and sweet, but how come no one bothers to think about the possibility of all that money going to the wrong hands? I think that the people who are advertising for a fundraise (creators and bloggers) and encouraging it, should be the ones to know how to check if a fundraise group is legit. So why is that not happening?
  8. How about you just read my post? I'm not asking for advice on wether to give money or not. If that was the case, it would be easy eh? But life isn't easy, mate. Theres thousands of US dollars going to SL fundraisers every week. Thousands of PEOPLE donating money. It's not just about little ol'me. I'm wondering, and worried, if maybe they're all getting scammed..... or not.
  9. Saikiki, thanks for answering but thats not at all what my post is about. I wasnt even talking about RL fundraising, and if you insist on comparing those 2, theres one HUGE difference, people in SL are anonymous. You can't go visit them and break their nose for keeping the donations for themselves. As a figure of speech, of course. Also I didnt ask for advice about who or how to donate, or about how the money of RL fundraisers is spend. Problem is, there are many many fundraisers in SL, and a lot of people participate blindly without even wondering if the money really is reaching the right organisation. And all I want to know, if there is a way of telling if people who organise those fundraises, are legit or not. Also, apparantly people in SL find it easier to use their Lindens online, than making RL payments to fundraisers, which explains the massive shopping at SL fundraisers, and the massive amount of creators participating, patting themselves on the shoulder about their own generosity. I'm wondering, are we really all so generous in spending our lindens to donate to charity, or are we all just sheep following the herd and wasting our lindens on scammers?
  10. I couldnt agree more, bragging about the amount of money raised, in a club where no one asked them to talk about it, thats just kinda sad. But Perrie, I'm wondering how do you verify if someone has a direct link to the organisation they claim to be raising money for? I mean, you can call the organisation and ask if a donation has been made, but even IF they reveal that information, it would be too late, the fundraise would already be over. Is there any way of telling, while, or before the fundraise starts? How can you tell by just someones profile?
  11. Whenever a disaster happens, people in SL are quick to organise a fundraise to help the victims. That itself is a really nice thing to do....Is it? Maybe I'm seeing the worst in people, but often I think they're all about getting attention, and being admired for their "work" (i.a. getting some land together and organise a fundraise, which is a lot of work, but not that difficult) But what I'm REALLY wondering about.. We are talking about several thousands of american dollars here. The "proof" of the money really getting donated to the proper organisation, is a screenshot of the transaction receipts. Now as much as I really want to believe those can't be edited....they can be. Anyone can start a fundraise. You dont need skills, you dont have to be a creator or someone well known. As long as you have well known friends who have groups with a lot of members. They can send out a notice to their members, to join your group, and tada you're all set. It's that easy. Anyways, I'm just wondering if anyone knows how to find out if donated money is really going to the right organisation, instead of to greedy hands of a newly made account.
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