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  1. Yes I think I have the same problem. I use Paypal linked to a credit card and have been using it for the past years. After the "Second Life cashier" happening, transaction with Paypal fail. Can't buy L$ or pay due amounts to LL. Transactions with others than LL go merrily very well. PAYPAL says they see no problem at all in other transactions and only LL transactions fail. They also verify and accept my card. The card emitter says I'm good to go and the only transactions that fail are LL ones. The card emitter says LL is billing incorrectly but won't provide the records. Opened a case with LL, they got back quickly but haven't resolved the issue so far. Cheers,
  2. Yes, I have the same problem in a garden with low prim groundcovers by two of the most popular creators. This is annoying, Lindens ought to correct this. I use viewer 2.7.5 (235722) and update regularly.
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