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  1. There is almost a sim sized land near my helipad that I have never set my foot onto or communicated with the residents. I was added to ban list by their security orb as 5 seconds is not enough time to fly over and cross sim border. There is a plot other way that I can access but I am also banned. I asked the owner for the reason why am I banned and explained the reason why I care. As a response I did get a lot of hate that it is not my land and they can ban who they feel. Getting banned on lands if you just exist in the same sim or fly over is inevitable as for the reason I came up with this idea.
  2. Just checked, ban lines reach up to 5100 meters. Objects and vehicles only go up to 4096 meters making the ban lines impossible to cross with a vehicle.
  3. Introduction People do awful lot of things in Second Life. For me it has been mostly about exploring around with my vehicles and creating stuff. We have massive amount of continents and lately they all have been connected. Today I attempted to cross the new path from Sansara to Nautilus but two of my attempts were ruined by ban lines. I think it is a shame that you only see aircraft flying at the Blake Sea region as it is the only place to safely fly without having to play "the wall is lava" on mainland roads with aircraft with additional luck involved if ban lines are near sim border. The idea When entering parcel that has setup ban lines you are free to safely cross it. When entering the property with ban lines you and the vehicle you travel with will go into "ghost mode". This mode works pretty much same as using free camera into property that has ban lines. You will not see residents inside, you will not hear any sounds or chat, and same applies for the resident inside the parcel. The resident wont even be aware of flight happening as the moment the player entered their property, the vehicle and avatar disappeared for them and reappears once the traveler exits the ban lines. Conclusion I am very happy for the people that use security orbs attempting to make the travel safer. It is better than ban lines but many times when property is near sim border making you slow down, I get ejected and banned just for the orb timer being too low or their property being too big to cross in time. I like the fact that the mainland is ever changing and massive, there is some life to it that Flight Simulator misses. I think it would be amazing to see air travel happening everywhere else as well rather than at Blake Sea. What do you people think? Is this something that would be acceptable to you. Would it be a good idea to present to Linden Labs? Thank you for reading.
  4. Hoi, I am writing to see the community view on real estate while you are from the great VAT zone. There is 20% extra added to my land fees, which would bring rental prices to sky if I were to rent out my land. Well not just that, in case I should make profit LindenX trading has its own 20% VAT fee so making any kind of profit comes to nearly impossible. Any thoughts? Also one of the ideas can be to get a VAT number which is only possible via registering a company which costs over thousands of euros.
  5. If youre too lazy to email me, or too new scool for that, you can also IM me inworld. Still waiting for applicants.
  6. Hello, does anyone know where I could buy or get script for vehicle suspension? Every car seems to have it nowadays. Here's example:
  7. I'd suggest you to find out the number and to try calling support again. Ear to ear solves problems much faster.
  8. I have been using Firestorm viewer for a long time. I need to work with shaders, which are only in Second Life viewer (as far as I know) and I seem to have some problems with it. The viewer freezes after 1 minute every time after I logged in. At first when starting SL viewer it told me to update my graphics drivers, which I did. My computer specs are top notch and shouldn't be a problem. Any ideas what can cause the problem? I'd guess graphics card? Specs: Graphics: GTX 660 Processor: 3.40 GHZ RAM: 16GB Disk: 2TB OS: Win 7 64bit SP1 Re: MartinRJ Fayray Thanks for your reply! I tried disabeling shaders and replacing gpu_table, sadly neither of them did work. It seems that my only solution in that case will be trying out old graphics card drivers.
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