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  1. How do I give permission for a friend to edit the terrain of my mainland parcel. By Edit I mean to be able to terraform the mainland parcel, without putting the land into a group and going that route?
  2. yes firestorm does a parcel memory, so that works, thank you Rolig Loon,smiles
  3. Thank you all that responded and gve thoughful ideas and suggestions, I am new to scripting as well so even though the thread was hijacked I have learned a great deal.. Goog Luck to Campbell and the fellow students. However this brings up another needed suggestion for me as well..Is there a way or tool to count the number of scripts in a given parcel of land, not the whole sim, and not per object rezzed, but total count, somewhat like is used on the viewers. i seldom use the new ones, because of bandwidth usage but use snowglobe and sl 1.23 viewers.. any ideas? thank you
  4. Exactly what is script over loading and are there limits to the numbers as per say a sim and or an avatar, and it unintentional over loading a TOS violation?
  5. thank you for the mistake i made My question was what exactly is script over loading and are there limits to the amount in say a sim or avatar, and if unintentional script overloading is a TOS violation
  6. What is the LL poilcy on breedables, as to amount one can have on ones parcel owned or rented, regardless of number of prims owned or allowed in said parcel? also what is LL's policy on breedables as a whole.
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