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  1. All the other dance animation threads seem to be at least a year old or older and in SL terms a lot can happen. I haven't been dance shopping in SL for quite a while and haven't kept up with who makes the best and was wondering if people could point me to some shops that have some good club and other good types of dances. I'm looking for individual dances I can put into a HUD. And if anyone knows of a very good HUD that can have dances added to it, nicely customizable, that would be appreciated as well. I have my Huddles EZ but that is SEVERAL years old at this point and I would imagine there has been something else that has come out that is really good.
  2. Yes, they are being fished. I was using the term hack as a catch all. However, two factor authentication would still prevent the malicious site owners fromt aking over the accounts. If you put on an authenticator, that code is only good for 30 seconds. Without the physical token, or if LL were to use a smartphone app which would require both a serial number and a restore code to use it, the username and password would be useless. A lot of MMO's and banking web sites have used these for years and it cuts down over 90% or more on accounts being taken by whatever means.
  3. For several years now many of the large MMO games have had some form of two factor authentication. Whether it be a physical token giving an authentiation number in addition to your password or the use of an authenticator app, or merely an email being sent in case the log in comes from an IP address your account does not log in from normally and making you authorize the log in before it can, it is time for Linden Labs to implement the same for Second Life. Every day you get these bots which are hacked accounts sending messages to multiple groups asking for money, or bots sending out malicious URL's hoping to catch people clicking links randomly or sending out malicious items that once opened or worn will wipe out a person's linden amount. It's becoming almost "wild west" like. And even those of us who have never been hacked and are scrupulous about security are affected at least indirectly because we get bombarded by these things, many times multiple times a day. There really is no good reason not to have two factor authorization of some sort to be able to log in to SL. I can't imagine it would take many resources for LL to write an iOS and Android app to authenticate or even just use the Google Authenticator. It really would reduce malicious activity greatly and provide a safer and more enjoyable in world experience for everyone.
  4. No Void, this was definately an sl issue. I live in the southern US and was on a friends region with 2 friends, both from europe. I got the exact same thing the OP mentioned and the sl web site would not even load. My internet connection was fine, everything else loaded fine web page wise and neither of my friends from europe were disconnected so couldnt have been a region issue and certainly wasn't an internet connection or cache issue. It's almost like some server connections to certain places were lost on SL's end.
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