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  1. Halftime at Pure and the tunes are amazing. Not to be missed! ▩ ƊJ ━► MONSTER ▩ SƬƳLƐ ━► funky Disco ▩ ƬǀMƐ ━► 2 PM - 4 PM SLT ▩ HOSƬ ━► Leticia Join Us at Pure Now! The party is live
  2. We would like to give a very warm Welcome to Deejay Monster this evening. He will be live at the club between 2-4pm bringing you a mix of 60's/70's/80's music and we are live right now! Be good to see you all here for another fun filled unofficial evening at Pure ;) Pure Bar
  3. Yet another unofficial pre-opening warm up party! Becoming a regular occurance down @ Pure We have DJ Surbubain Live with us this evening between 12-2pm Be great to see you come along for the party Pure Bar
  4. Pure Bar would like to invite you to it's first LIVE DJ. Please come by, say hello and feedback would be very much welcomed. This is an unofficial pre-opening party for us, organised at very short notice Best in Black or White contest will also be running for the duration - L$100 prize Hope to see you there Pure Bar Team Pure Bar
  5. Merchant has now been found, very big thanks to Vixie's for taking up the offer, doing some freebie promo t-shirts and I'd also like to wish her all the best with her new store. Please check out her work or pop by my parcel over the next 4 weeks to see some of her designs: Vixie's
  6. Hi all, I'm looking for a merchant or possibly more who could do with some free publicity!!! Yes FREE!! And in return i just hope it could help me along my way. And what's a better way than throwing a shin-dig for the people of SL?! Ideally i am looking for a merchant who designs their own clothes and would like to showcase them at an opening event. This is only an idea at present but if someone was to step forward and be seriously interested, i'd love to orgainise this with you alongside my event. Just as a start off point, i'm thinking of installing a one off catwalk and holding a fashion show for you to promote your products along with a promotional store for people to purchase what they can see. We could also club together to give away some freebie items Obviously if anyone wishes to jump on the promotional bandwagon or throw any other ideas out there then i'm all ears and look forward to discussing with you all.
  7. Pure is a newly opened parcel and is looking for people who wish to rent it's shops. We also have a club awaiting it's opening event and it would be great to have you merchants here beforehand. We currently have on offer: 8 small shops along the main tp walkway @ L$100/week for 25 prims 2 larger shops @ L$200/week for 50 prims 3 Promotional vendor shops right outside the club @ L$100/week for 25 prims We are also offering 2 weeks free to the first 7 people to come here and want to purchase 4 weeks of rental My aim is to work together to make a great parcel of land and keep each others business' up and running by building a good community, advertising, promotions, events and joint ideas Changes to the parcel can always be made and all ideas are welcomed Hope to speak to you soon!! Pure Bar, Shops and Job Centre
  8. Pure Bar and Lounge Club is looking to hire: Reliable DJ'sHost/Hostess' - 100% tip based workA General Manager - wage negotiable, experience essential!If you are driven, creative, enthusiastic and interested in pushing this new club to new heights, please pick up an application from our job centre, fill out and drop it back in the online indicator located on the main desk. Hope to see you soon! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cartier/173/82/503Basic applicant rules: 1 - Be on an SL account at least 30 Days old. 2 - Be over 18. 3 - Be available to work on a regular weekly basis. 4 - If a dj: Have the minimum recommended PC / Internet connection and be able to broadcast 5 - Be prepared to join a team committed to performing at our club and abide by the Rules you will be given should you be successful in your application.
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