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  1. oopsy <blushes> see? Im a natural blond ^^ thank you for correcting my mistake ^^
  2. thank you for the detailed answer dear ^^ I was wondering if this non-legal stuff is true for the "other type" of no transfer things too? I mean some no transfer things simply not letting themself to be trantsfered to another person's inventory, and some saying "are you sure you want to transfer this item?".. maybe Im not using the correct term, but the two type of objects both saying in the inventory "no transfer" any ideas on that?
  3. Heya everyone! friend of mine plannin' to leave SL cause shes not havin' enough time in RL anymore, and interesting question came up connected to that. Shes wishing to transfer all her stuff, the complete inventory for me before cancelling her account, cause she would hate to waste all the money she spent in SL, instead shes bein' so cute to ditch it on me.. so is that possible? I mean its obvious shes havin' no transfer items, but since she and her account will be gone completely, can she give away her inventory like this? thanks for the answers ^^
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