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  1. I've been having trouble logging in this online game (Second Life) and it's driving me NUTS. Whenever I try to log in, in the log in progress screen my internet would disconnect and the game won't log in of course and I will have to reset the router for the internet to come back. It's so frustrating it makes me want to punch my computer! Please help! What could this be?Edit: Thanks so much for answering everyone, I tried the firewall thing and even completely shut it off but it didn't help at all. The heating issue sounds convincing and I shall try it again. Also I wanted to state that sometimes SL logs in but mostly it disconnects the internet and I have to shut down the router and turn it on again. Edit 2: I noticed that SL logs me in just fine with the old viewers like phoenix, imprudence etc. but all 2.x based viewers disconnect my internet :/ Edit 3: Nope, not ATI. I have nvidia.
  2. Hi! I really didn't find another way of asking this. So I thought I'd ask here.. What software do you guys know that I can use to create static poses in second life? If you're a poser in SL and could share what you use to create poses I'll really appreciate it Thank you everybody.
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