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  1. I am Subi Dudek, the primary owner of Timekeeper Group. My parcel is group owned and I have populated the majority of objects in it. Recently something happened and a few objects disappeared, however, also it seems I can no longer sit on any object in my own parcel. What I mean is I can not TP to other places in the parcel, can not sit on any animated object or non animated benches or chairs. Worst of all is that while I am in the parcel no one else can sit. When I leave the parcel others can sit and use the animated objects, I don't even have to be out of the region, just out of my own parcel. I can still build and change things in the parcel but can not sit on pose balls to adjust them. Other owners of the parcel are all my alts and can operate normally unless I'm present. A ticket has been submitted and so far SL says there's a bug in the system but no solutions for it yet. I have tried other viewers with the same results, deleted and reinstalled viewer and tried using different group tags activated. I can not delete my avatar since I have been in Sl for over 11 years and have compiled any inventory over 52,000 items. If you care to experience this first hand contact me, Subi Dudek, and TP to Grampa's Place. Discovered if I leave Timekeeper group most everything works for everyone. If I join the group again issues start all over again.
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