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  1. I would love to see Linden Lab to investigate what happened and maybe just change ownership of the sim because this is a very popular sim and many want to see it back.
  2. Hi, If anyone could help me fixing this issue i'll be more than happy :) In local chat: "an attachment has requested a non existent point of your avatar. It has been attached to your chest instead" This error message pops up in local chat everytime i login in SL. I have cleared the cache, detached all attachments, stripped my avatar to the bone(no mesh body parts or clothes), clean install of Firestorm for Windows 10, logged in at a sandbox again. For 2 weeks this message pops up time and again. It drives me mad!! Please help me, anyone!!
  3. Never buy horses or bundles on Marketplace. Why? Its easy to sell a picture of a horse bundle for 10k pretending its a 10 trait charmed pegasus, but inworld you can check stats both bundle and parents to see this was only a 1 trait red bay. Also prices on coats are falling so much that the one you saw already get sold for next to nothing inworld. You can either file a ticket or get into the official group, leave a message when a csr is online so you can report the person when the csr responds.
  4. The first thing you should do is to stay calm because there is nothing wrong accept that it needs an update but Windows updates are not 100% accurate with updates.. it made me installed wrong updates before, so if SL tells you that you need an update it means that the viewer was unable to work because something was wrong with your driver but it cant tell you what driver you need. This same problem happened to a friend of mine, so you are not the first person who got stucked here. All you need to do is to do the process "manually".. that means either you goto windows update site & look for a new graphics driver version to download or go in google search with your driver name as keyword till you find it. Good luck
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