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  1. Thank you for that information. I called, they said that they can't guarantee that it will work, but I've put the information in and we'll see if it takes in about an hour.
  2. Hello, I've recently considered upgrading my account to premium and have a paypal account which is verified with a legitimate banking account and have been told that I have to also have a secondary instant payment method on file with paypal to use paypal for upgrading an account. Well after a facepalm moment, since the answer I got in return on my ticket which informed me of this keeps referring to a credit card which I do not possess and stated this plainly in my ticket, I decided to ask if anyone knew if LL accepts Debit cards as a payment method under the "credit card" option. I am in a bit of a hurry at the moment so I hope this made sense. Midnight Demonge
  3. @Denver No, there is definitely a difference between age verification and adult verified to LL. Otherwise there wouldn't be a need for LL to explain the difference. PIOF used to be the way that LL verified you as an adult but they went to the age verification process due to a vocal minority's prompting and the desire to attract more real world businesses, schools and the like. Places which identify as mature may also be required to want the age verification even if on mainland if I recall correctly. This is not a stab at you or your friend, but an attempt to keep misinformation from causing an outcry. I personally do not believe that if a minor can manage to get ahold of their parent's or another adult's credit card or paypal information that they would have any trouble getting ahold of their driver's license, social security number or passport information as well. The difference, I believe, is that the age verification is more of a formal and legally satisfying manner to assure that only adults access adult content, while the PIOF of the past was more a company policy which was only intended to assure LL itself. Age verification gives LL the ability to point to a process which can reassure those types of residents that they are wishing to attract and the vocal minority of residents already in world who want it. Edited to add: Honestly, though, I can't see how you can consider giving the information to get your profile flagged as PIOF to NOT be giving personal real life information to LL. In fact, you give that information directly to them, not to some annonymous company which claims that it discards the information or at least does not share it and it is just where it could hurt you to do so, in the bank account, if it fell into malicious hands. It took me longer to do the PIOF than it did to get age verified, personally. Midnight Demonge
  4. Hello, I am doing an upgrade to my system in order to possibly run the new official SL viewer once it's out of Beta (lots of problems doing so with the Beta even tho last 1.23 versions of both official viewer and Emerald run well enough to function). I've got a Dell OptiPlex GX270 Series (Desktop and Mini-Tower), Pentium 4, 3GHz, 1 Gig RAM, with an ATI RADEON  9600 x86/SSE2 Video Card, running Windows Professional Service Pack 3. I am going to be upgrading to 2 Gigs of RAM and am looking at purchasing a GeForce 7300GT 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X Video Card. When checking the SL recommended requirements however, I saw that the 7000 series cards began at 7600 and am wondering if the 7300 is going to be up to the job. It is the best Nvidia AGP card that newegg.com had to offer and I was really hoping for a 512 card from Nividia. Midnight Demonge
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