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  1. The fact that you open a post on this forum would rather be a good evidence that you did read her disclaimer And please, lets all grow up. AR'ing for someone sharing IM logs, what is that all about? Disclosing business sensitive informatin, fine, that is bad and if it hurts your business it should be dealed with. But lets grow up, LL i'm sure has more important things to do then mediate between former friends that just want to get at each other for whatever reason. Just laugh it of, remove the person from your friend list if still present and show you are the wise one. And yes, i did also experience problems by shared IM's, but then again i also experienced that in the normal world. But there i never seen anyone going to the goverment and demand them to be removed from the country because they forwarded an email, or told x what z told them. Just because there is a digital world means people behave different. If z is going to be hurt about what x is telling, then x shouldnt call upon LL to remove whatever he/she said about z but think by themself how to make up with z for saying those words. Lets all grow up , let LL deal with important things, not our childish revenge, because lets face it, AR'ing someone because they shared your IM's is just that revenge.He/she hurt me, i will hurt them back. Dont hide behide a TOS in a virtual world , think before you speak.Take responsibility for your word All my IM's get forwarded for all i care. they reflect my opinion and i stand by them even if they would reach someone i would rather not have them reach. It's still what i said, and what i say is what i feel. If they contain intimate details about myself, well, i shared them with the outside world. A TOS wont help me trust the other side. Even if they would not share it as IM log they could still mention those details. Again, i choose to share them with the outside world. And that is how life works. Trust and respect amongst people is what is needed. Not a TOS, disclaimer or whatever. To get back to the original question, she warned, you read it. And really, what is the purpose, from what i read you don't like her. You're not going to really talk to her are you. Or ?
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