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  1. Hi forum member, i am searching for a builder, who can build me a small party riverboat / party barge. Here some details: not more than 180 prims, not mesh, romantic style, nice textures, no furniture only the boat, not driveable, If you are interested for this job, please write an IM for more details to Florenti Oh. Greetings Flo
  2. Hello Forum Members, I am looking for a scripter, who can do customs work for me. theme: to wear something and than it will be a message in the local chat. For details to the order, please write an IM to Florenti Oh. Thanks and have a nice stay in SL Florenti Oh
  3. Oh sorry for my tanslations in english. My english is rosty. I mean, it must non-essential mesh. I will be glad, if answer me somebody- whatever kind of sash. Thank you ;-)
  4. Hi together, i am searching for customized royal sashs for an event (not mesh). i am be glad, if somebody can sent me an offer. Please IM to Florenti Oh. Thank you very much and have a nice stay in SL today.
  5. Hi i am searching for Christmas Stream radio´s dates, that i can put in my landoption (media). For using listening Christmas radio all the time. Have anyone stream dates ? Greetings Flo (sorry for my terrible english - i am rosty ;-) )
  6. Hallo Forum, kann man irgendwo das Ergebnis/Strafe sehen, was aus einem Abuse Report geworden ist, den man selbst gemeldet hat? Ich habe einmal gehört, das es früher eine Art Liste gab, mit Strafen die in einer bestimmten REgion/Sim verhängt wurden.
  7. Hello @ all, i am looking to hire a photograph for weddings for 24/9/2011 and 25/9/2011. 2 or 3 pictures on the wedding locations on the ceremony Please contact me inworld, if you are interested. Greetings Florenti Oh - Wedding-2-go Service -
  8. Hi i have an Weddingservice and a couple ask me, if they can married with 2 children avas. Is this against the linden rules and the ageplay ? thanks for answer me
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