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  1. TYTY!!! :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: The AO is actually Chica Boom by Vista Animations...and i also have some OLD animations in there by Akeyo, lol, guessing that is what you are referring to?
  2. oooo great advice!!!! Thanks for the tip!!! Will see how it goes on the next one
  3. Heya!! thank you!! lol actually was set to other music...flame is what it says...but due to copyright laws had to change it...thought about editing the vid again but decided not to...lol
  4. Taken on location at my home sim, using WeGame, and useful tips from Torley Lindens Wiki Pages!! Had so much fun doing this and actually turned out better than i expected!! :D Hope you enjoy watching :) Ciao! Adalita
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