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  1. Greetings I am looking for a SL Film Maker to take/make a video for a Race Event happening on Feb 9th, 2013. Time of event is to take place between two scheduled race events so the time has to be flexible but should be occurring around 2:30pm slt. There is a bonus event occurring later in the evening that I may need to have filmed as well, at this time it’s up for debate if it is necessary. I would love to see some samples of pervious work and editing skills, but I require the raw footage, edited footage would be nice if possible, I understand this could be an extra cost and therefore can be discussed upon meeting. I need someone who can do multiple angles in a very quick frame of time, as the race event is very quick paced and there will be no time for retakes. There will be a winner’s circles video opportunity as well. There are some rules and regulations as well that must be followed for anyone who is going to be doing the Video footage as you will be permitted on to the actual race track area, these rules will be discussed upon meeting. If you are interested in this job please feel free to drop me a response on here and I will get an updated email. Please include in your message any info that you feel necessary as well as your fees and expectations. PS I am on a tight time crunch to get this sorted out, the sooner you contact me the better. Thank you for your time I look forward to hearing back from you. ErynLyn Foxclaw
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