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  1. The way aroudn this issue is to use open dns's dns servers. Its free, dont know how you change that on a mac. I had to do it for linux on uverse a few years ago, and tonight on a toshiba laptop with uverse, seems LL has odd issues with uverse.
  2. In all honesty, a sim owner should have the right to decide who they want on a sim and who they do not, however they are loosing buisness when they say "no furries" - RP sims are especially affected by this loss, wether or not they know it as many furries are "geeky" and enjoy role play. FYI to those who say you should be able to say no to a lifestyle choice: 1. There are many people, including scientists and psychologists who say homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. If someone said no homosexuals are allowed on their sim, you would choose to ar them in a heartbeat. 2. Dressing in drag is also considered a lifestyle choice, would you ar a sim for stating no dressing in drag. This would be considered a legal violation in real life. 3. The furry fandom is not only limited to second life avatars. What if the person also wears fursuits in real life. Now its real life discrimination. Remember that there are always two sides to a situation. Just because you believe in your side, does not instantly mean there is no other logical and or meaningful side.
  3. Bump for great justice. No in all seriousness there are few to almost no rp sims that are furry friendly. Couple of years ago there were tons. What has happend?
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