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  1. i have tryed 4 times to buy lindens and keeps canceling ..can you help me?
  2. i was lock out of second life for more than an hour and when they let me back in all my stuff is gone and im a noob gain.two years all gone.Can anyone help me.all my lindens gone I was lock out of secondlife for over an hour.When i came back in all my stuff was gone.I am now a noob as i was two yoears ago.all my stuff is gone.my account strip of all I dont have my friends or my groups nothing secondlife took two years away from me..i dont understand
  3. I bought four gifts yesterday from marketplace and only two received them.What do i do?I bought four and two was delivered and two wasn't.Damon Darkfold and Blackangel firehawk said they didnt get theres.. 01/05/201206:45:17cef7d6f0Destination: Commerce Linden MKT2 Item Purchase Description: Order #1287534081 L$100
  4. I sent 1200 lindens to another charater and it sent it to unknown..What do I do about it? Why did it happen? Will I get it back or sent it to the charater i sent it to...
  5. Why are we having so much lag on our land today?
  6. It is possible to uncheck the boxes in your contact list with knowing you did it till someone tells you they are unchecked..I really need an answer..Please
  7. is it possible to uncheck the boxes in your contacts with knowing you did until someone tells you ???I need a answer or two please...
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