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  1. As a role-player, first thing you should do is seek out any information you can on the setting, usually a sim will have notecards in an OOC landing area of a website with all or most of the information you need. Once you have read up on the setting and you can make your avatar/player appear to fit in, perhaps try exploring/observing others until you are some what comfortable enough to either casually join in and introduce yourself, or IM a player or sim owner/operator with questions. Try to make sure they are questions that can not be easily answered by reading the before mentioned sources.
  2. This to me seems fairly true. I mean it's intriguing as a setting if you take the time to dig through the fragmented lore, but I feel people lack a little creativity with the setting. I mean most units seem to be either sex dolls or defence units. I get that given the setting A.I. would still be under wraps to a certain extent. Rogue A.I.s being a fear to people, as no one wants to live under some dictatorial machine or be wiped out wholesale for being considered inferior by a machine. That said, where are the medical units, or industrial units (There is a controller for that look now to.), what about a unit that is a personal assistant... On the flip side what about people sympathetic to independent A.I. maybe they take ownership of the unit and business on paper only to allow them at least as much freedom as is possible under the laws and without outing themselves. Just seems like there is a lot of setting in the Eisa-Verse people don't explore.
  3. The Gaga-Rin Colony, Eisa's brother role-play sim may be worth you looking into.
  4. I you enjoy Sci-fi Cyberpunk you may give Gaga-Rin a look. You can look at the website here: https://javikstation.com/ or drop by the sim http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sandy Wind/40/141/2719 . We are open to role playing with any visitors as long as they make themselves minimally familiar with the setting. I will mention a lot of members are currently in the Pre-Christmas work crunch, so we are not on as much as we would like, once we hit Christmas some of us will be able to be around the sim more often.
  5. You can think of it as collaborative story writing. Your first step when joining any environment is to learn about it as much as you can. If they have a website read up on the setting and timeline. Learn what exists and what does not. If they allow visitors and even better allow visitors to interact, then do so, get a good feel for the "living world" and where you may fit. Then you can start crafting a character when you find one that you like, use as many of the worlds detail as applicable to your character, make yourself a part of the world (But be mindful to use what is in the world and not try to break the world to make the character fit.).
  6. Age-play in it's self is not an offence. There is nothing in the ToS I could see that explicitly or suggestively states that age-play on it's own is an offence. It's only an offence if one does so for the purpose of engaging, stalking or luring minors, or when doing so in a sexual or sexually suggestive or lewd manner. See and read the following very carefully: Now age-play as a whole may offend your sensibilities, but is not an offence in SL.
  7. From a guy, some things that would make me happier. More mesh clothing for the more conservative bodies like Slink Physique, not all of us want to be body builders or roid monkeys. (Most specifically more with a classy gothic look.) Better sim crossings for those of us that love driving, flying, boating, etc.
  8. If you are into Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk you may also look into Gaga-Rin Colony as well. It may not be as active as some others yet, but there is a small group of dedicated role players, and they are actively seeking more.
  9. Not sure if you are interested but if you are into vehicles you may want to look into the secondlife:///app/group/402f2af0-fbe2-8b0c-d394-06532bc83437/about group. They due typically multi-vehicle trips every week. Otherwise maybe drop me an IM some time.
  10. As some one trying to get into some roleplays I actually think it's a little of both. Players should not be looking for region owners to hold their hand the whole way, if the creator(s) have done a good job they would have set up a backstory and premous behind the roleplay and made this information available to players to build on, players should be able to move forward from on their own. This does not mean the creators should be totally hands off as it would be good for them to be involved at some level from time to time, even so much as adding tools and groups for roleplayers to communicate and/or setup events and schedules, perhaps even updating the backstory should it seem warrented to better reflect the current state of roleplay.
  11. Also interested in this as most of my wardrobe is quite old and mostly system body cloths. System body cloths are fine but I would like some new things to wear that have not started to go mouldy in my inventory closet. Really hard to find new guys clothes.
  12. Welcome aboard, though I an no longer a full time resident of this grid, I do hope you can bring it's software into the present and give residents what they want and need fairly. You have your job cut out for you though. Hope you have taken a peek at the JIRA to, I am sure people would be exstatic if some of the bugs that have been neglected for years finally get fixed. Just remember, don't stiffle resident creativity, treat them fairly, and lay blame where it should be and not always on the residents. Lets keep SL a fun place to play for those of us that no longer live on the grid but come here to play when ours does not yet have the facilities.
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