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  1. I have bought an object that is No copy/Modify/Transfer.  I want to modify it and add a couple more prims for a unique look.  I used the above script to find the texture UUID.  I tried to use llSetTexture to set the texture of the new prim.  When I save the script, it saves and the new prim turns 'grey' with no texture.  When I edit the new prim the Select Texture Box says 'Loading' and the texture won't load.  I've tried resetting cache with no luck, just a grey 'loading' texture. llSay(0,"My UUID/key is " + (string)llGetKey()); Used the above code to get the texture UUID.  UUID is 732d50f5-1662-881b-a098-627ed05d60bf. llSetTexture("732d50f5-1662-881b-a098-627ed05d60bf", ALL_SIDES); Used the above code to texture a new prim. Texture just doesnt load.  I'm using Second Life 2.0.1 (203797) Apr 21 2010 03:03:52 (Second Life Release) Anyone know why?
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