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  1. Time was you needed a decent graphics card to run SL and Integrated Graphics chips just wouldn't cut the mustard. But I am wondering if times and technology have moved on since then. I am in a position to buy a decent PC with an i7 2600K with 12GB RAM and a 60GB SSD and 1T second drive. However it has no graphics card installed, and uses its onboard graphics chip instead. The motherboard is an ASUS P8H77-V LE, and the spec says it supports OpenGL. Will this MOBO run SL (in any quality) or will it simply not work at all? Rock
  2. Hi, I have been out of SL for more than a couple of years now, but I am thinking of returning. I used to enjoy LSL scripting, but I am wondering what changes to LSL have occurred over the last two years or more, and what commands have been added/deprecated. Is there any SL page, change log, etc that details these kind of changes? Thanks Rock
  3. That is true Medhue, and this is the reason I am currently experimenting with synching two Kinects together. However, many anims can be done with a single Kinect, then the missing or obscured hands/arms etc can be put in manually with QAnimator or any other bvh editor. The single Kinect can typically capture 80%+ of complex motion, saving a great deal of time if it was to be done in a motion editor alone, and can get close to 100% for simpler forward or backward facing type animations. Hope your experiments go OK. Rock PS Updated article here:
  4. I have been experimenting of late with the Xbox Kinect as a cheap Mocap source to generate BioVision Hierarchy (BVH) files for upload into Second Life, and the results are pretty encouraging. I have posted a step-by-step tutorial on my blog: Chapter & Metaverse Rock
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