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  1. SketchUp gives me a report of the number of materials and textures I export every time I export to Collada. Those numbers are all the same and I'm pretty confident in my model work to say all faces are textured. Still, I tried sticking in a default polygon on each model and still ran up against the same problem. Maybe as I export each model SketchUp records the textures on each as unique entities not tied in to a central library. For anyone who uses SketchUp to model in your workflow, what do you export to before bringing it into Second Life?
  2. I have created in SketchUp 7 a mesh with four different models for each level of detail and an independent physics model. In SketchUp they have all been textured using the same set of textures.However, when I upload the models into a single mesh, the final product swaps textures over the different levels of detail. For example, the texture applied to the base face on the highest LoD will instead apply itself to the trim face on medium LoD. I have tried to record which faces are switched where in the mesh and compensate in SketchUp by flipping textures around. For the medium LoD I would apply in SketchUp the base texture to the trim and so on, hoping they would be switched to the correct faces in SL. After screwing around with this for awhile, however, I've had no luck solving it. I can't find a pattern in how the textures switch around or determine whether this is a SL or SketchUp problem. My question is this: Has anyone else experienced or could explain this problem with SketchUp? OR Can anyone suggest a different program (preferably Blender or Autodesk) that could provide the simplest workaround? Thanks.
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