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  1. Apparently that behaviour is caused by a recent update of the NoScript extension fo Firefox. I can logon normally to my web profile when NoScript is disabled. Thank you for your interest.
  2. When i try to access my profile in my.secondlife.com, i am requested to enter my Identity URL. What is that?
  3. I am puzzled! When I try to access my profile on my.secondlife.com, I am requested to enter my "Identity URL". What is that?
  4. Don't worry too much. You should explain to your friend that the friends list on the dashboard is not updated in real time. Sometimes there is a noticeable delay may occur before a friend is shown as on line after logging in; there may be also a similar lag upon logging out. Keep cool
  5. Point n'est besoin de dépenser des € ou des US$ pour se procurer des L$. Il y a bien d'autres moyens, par exemple être engagé comme modèle dans un shop; en général on demande des filles quoique . Moins drôle, il y a encore des endroits où on peut "camper", c'est-à-dire rester à un endroit déterminé pendant un certain temps, mais cela ne paie pas bien! Maintenant, à moins de vouloir acheter ou louer un terrain pour y bâtir sa maison, il y a moyen de bien vivre sur SL sans rien dépenser : il y a beaucoup de magasins offrant gracieusement des articles divers parfois de très bonne qualité ou enco
  6. Please check your profile. May be the option "Show profile in search" is unchecked.
  7. I have a basic account. Since the introduction of the new community platform, there seems to be no option anymore in the Help Section of the Dashboard to submit a Support Ticket. Is it still possible and how?
  8. Dracona I am using the 1.22 client and I have access to all adult content, even though I don't really need it . What's the trick? Well if you can manage to start 1.23 (on your laptop of any other machine), you can set the access options for your avatar and thereafter forget 1.23 for ever. The options are set on the LL servers, not on your machine, so when using 1.22 the options remain set.
  9. Thank you so much Roberto for your clear and matter-of-fact answer. Now I am fully confident I can use that type of infrastructure. And yes, i had checked already with powerline interphones that all wall sockets to be used are on the same circuit; that was a clever warning anyway!
  10. Okay, then the only drawback really is the lack of support from LL, but I am used to it for my current WLAN, and because for some reason, since the recent server update, the latter has ceased to perform correctly when logged into SL, I am looking for an alternative. So at least I can try powerline ethernet without throwing my money out of the window from the start! Over and out
  11. Thank you Dante for your encouraging answer. But I am not sure I fully understand your terminology (sorry English is not my mother language), so 1) which connection speed, to local network or to Internet? I have 10/100-baseT and 4Mb DSL. 2) does service mean the router modem? I estimate the wiring length between the latter and my PC to be 15-20 m. Cheers
  12. Hello, Are Powerline Ethernet Bridges (such as Netgear XE102, etc.), which allow to transmit Ethernet thru domestic power supply networks, compatible with the communication protocols used by Second Life? The System Requirements (http://secondlife.com/support/sysreqs.php) state that "Second Life is not compatible with dial-up internet, satellite internet, and some wireless internet services", but do not mention above devices. Thank you in advance.
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