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  1. Update: Two initial bids of 375K have been received, so I'm now waiting for one or other bidder to break the tie. I had one rental inquiry but nothing came of it, so the auction continues. --Chorazin
  2. Tier date is the 13th, bidding runs until midnight SLT/PST on the 10th. If there's a last minute rush I'll keep processing bids until only one bidder remains, so there's no benefit to waiting until the last moment to start bidding. The region must be moved and renamed as part of the transfer. Bids should be in L$ and include approx L$ 74K for the transfer fee (assuming Grandfathered status is to be retained). Starting bid: L$ 375K including transfer fee. Send bids inworld to Chorazin Allen by notecard. Any questions by IM or notecard inworld too. Check the Extremis pick in
  3. Please contact me by IM/notecard inworld with your price in L$. Thanks! -Chorazin
  4. I'm on the lookout for a grandfathered 20K full region, which would then let me offer up a grandfathered homestead here. If anyone's thinking of selling a grandfathered 20K contact me by IM/notecard with your price. Thanks, --Chorazin
  5. 3/4 of a 30K LI adult island is available for rental, currently set up as three quarters, each priced at L$5K weekly for 16384sqm/7500 prims This is an ice-themed slightly gothic location mostly used as a building/scripting hangout so similar renters are welcomed along with residential usage or script-light commercial usage. The rental plots are flat, empty land ready for your development or building projects. Contact Chorazin Allen via IM/offline IM with any questions. If you don't get an answer inside 24 hours it usually means the offline IM has gone astray, so sending a notecard t
  6. Oooh, I'd missed that GetNotecardLine can be quoted a uuid too. Now that's interesting...
  7. In general, my aim with this rescripting is to get rid of all the many individual scripts for doors, idle rocking, particle effects, lights/light switches, moving items like flags and radars etc etc. While three scripts might sound excessive for a vehicle, they're replacing 10-20 scattered all over the linkset, if not more. Unfortunately reading a notecard located in a child prim is one of the things that's still not possible from a different linkset prim. Anyway, yes... it looks like the direction to take is clear now - thanks for helping to bounce ideas around!
  8. I know, but I'm stuck with it because of the way it was originally built. A child prim has the driver's seat with engine script, sit animator, sounds, settings notecard etc. At the moment, I have one new script that must go in the root and two that go wherever the old engine script was (whether that's the root or not). It does look like child prims are the problem here. It seems like when the engine script is removed from a child prim some internal state on the object doesn't get cleaned up. I just tried flipping physics on and setting vehicle_type_none then turning physics off again in m
  9. One more thing... I'm not 100% certain about this yet, but the problem seems to be specific to builds where the "motor" prim is not the root. (Yes, I know it would make more sense to have it in the root, but someone else built the objects)
  10. After more experimenting, the theory about state_entry and rez doesn't work... The problem lies in the two things that can repair a broken object - copying it with shift-drag and taking it to inventory and re-rezzing it. In the first case, only state_entry will fire. In the second case, only rez will fire. Conclusion, the misbehaviour of the scripts isn't to do with which of state_entry or rez get called in either the Aqua or my own scripts.
  11. ...just reminded myself what my own scripts do. They should be immune to this, unfortunately. My state_entry does various cold-start actions (but nothing to do with physics or vehicles) and then completes by executing the same routine that forms the on_rez entry.
  12. You might be onto something here... when the boat is rezzed from inventory, only the rez event will fire and state_entry won't happen unless the rez entry decides to reset the script. When the script is added to the object from inventory, it goes through state_entry but not its rez handler - so there is the difference in behaviour I've been looking for That said, it's not the case that the script in the example with the Aqua makes it physical on rez - that won't happen until someone sits on it to drive. The boat will rock, but that's non-physical motion by a different script (and the misb
  13. If you reset the script without going through the remove and re-insert steps, it'll be fine. If you reset the script that was re-inserted from inventory, it stays broken.
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