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  1. Skin creators, how do you make your lighter and darker versions of the skin? Trying to find the right method so I don't lose any quality while doing it.
  2. Thanks, How about renting land, the prices seem quite similar to LL ones or even cheaper in some cases.
  3. On what principle do various land estates profit on Second Life? Wouldn't it be cheaper to get land directly from LL, or go to whoever has the current cheapest price? Yet at the end they still exist for years so I am a bit confused on, how and why?
  4. Is there a script that can collect all object names inside a sim, like Area Search on Firestorm?
  5. Hello I was wondering what good tutorials are there for making skins, and videos of the process? I have the basic templates but I would like to get into more advanced area, or learn something I previously didn't knew.
  6. Give me an IM if you'd like, I run a medium sized business on my alt that is almost enough to cover my low rent. No matter what everyone says: You will always make profit on SL if you got any decent skill, and you sound like you have many. Make stuff, once new SL comes out, make stuff for it. Simple.
  7. Yes there is. Make what you enjoy doing until it is high quality enough, then sell it on marketplace.
  8. How do you sort and manage your inventory? I'ts been a while since the last post with examples, so what do you do? Currently mine is something like: Animations AO HUD Single poses Photography Dances Body Parts Skin Makeup Tattoo Wounds Hair Mesh body parts Adult parts Clothing Appliers Tshirt,small shirt, tanktops... T-Shirt Small shirt Tanktops Jacket Gloves Pants Short pants Underwear Belts Full outfit
  9. Which Viewer is the lightest on CPU or GPU? Currently I am doing some comparison and would love to hear your input. I am trying to see how many viewers can I run and what is the best way to get to it. It seems every viewer uses 25% CPU when used and around 5-9 when unused (not Firestorm, too heavy). Currently on my machine, RAM use: Alchemy 700 inactive, 850 active Catznip 750 inactive, 850 active UKanDo 690 inactive, 750 active Firestorm, 1,100 inactive CPU seems to be generally around the same, not sure about impact on GPU. Your opinions?
  10. Thank you for the wonderful replies! And yes I was looking mainly into annual events that are known and attract large crowd, since they happen only once a year. The monthly ones are easy to find, and I am not much of a fan of hunts. I'll look into all sources provided! If there are any more, please feel free to list them.
  11. Thank you! That helps a lot. Also I was wondering if you know of any other events which are popular? I want to join the larger ones that keep traffic high for days, are there any other large-scale events like that, that you know of?
  12. Is there a list of all Annual fairs, events, coutures, etc? Haven't had much luck finding them, only hear of them while they're in progress or have passed.
  13. Any alternatives to Hippo Updater anyone could recommend?
  14. Thank you for the reply Amethyst! I meant in in-world store for better organization as marketplace is fairly easy to organize! And yes it took me a minute to realize that if there's no demo probably no one will buy it, a bit of a derp on my side. Glad to know people are still helping each other! As for appliers I am thinking making a skin package with all appliers and selling everything separately in-world for those who want to save up and pick only specifics. And I definitely haven't thought I'd be getting a reply AND advice from you Mochi, you are an inspiration! PF is totally not a small store! I think? For the shapes do you recommend any additional images or should the skin-vendor one be enough itself? Trying to keep it simple as I am still trying to find balance on what should be on the vendor image, face+bust, full body, face plus full body. I am leaning mostly towards the last. And as mentioned before I am considering having one major package that has skin and all current appliers, and normal skin with separate appliers. I have considered packs but couldn't up with a good solution as yours. Did you try supporting a lot of appliers, like Ghetto, Belleza, Sking, Lush, Perfect, Banned, Omega, etc.? I am hoping to open up for a broader audience, and since I have been doing this alone for two years I am only leaning on my intuition and what I can find on the web. I was considering having an applier HUD that is updateable. But I haven't seen anyone do this yet, a bit odd. I am in process of making my current store more professional and taking a new name, so looking towards any tips. I learned a lot on the way, but there is still a long way to go. Thank you both for the reply
  15. Hello, I am expanding my skin business due to requests for shapes and I wanted to ask fellow merchants what did you find most optimal when selling shapes? Preparing my new store setup so I was curious to get into the new area with some more knowledge. Selling the shape next to the skin, same shape from the image preview without a demo.Selling the shape next to the skin, same shape from the image preview with a demo.Selling the shape in different section, no demo.Selling the shape in different section, demo. As for Appliers for skins, which one is most profitable and which one makes customer happy? Selling all appliers separately.Selling appliers in packs.Selling an applier HUD with lifetime updates.Combination of some above. Kind regards.
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