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  1. That kind of set up sucks, but it's good to know I've done all I can at least. I wish they'd bring back age verification for Basics though. Due to the Teen grid gone and kids in the main grid now, some of the RP sims I go to require an Age Verification to protect themselves legally. Thanks, Valerie and thank you too Peewee for all the help. I've kept a bookmark on the Age Verification discussion, wiki and the like for future references.
  2. That's the thing. I can't send LL anything through the Submit a Case, there is NO Manual Age Verification option. All I've done right now is go to my premium account and do the Manual Verification with a notecard request theydo the same for this alt account.
  3. I downgraded my alt account to basic a few months ago (previous Premium User). I just realized I can't enter certain sims that won't allow accounts that do not have Age Verification on. However, when I went to the website to age verify my account (will probably try to age verify my premium account as well--I don't remember if I did it before), it won't let me. It keeps saying that I failed. Is there anything I can do? Considering my account is now Basic, the Submit a Case page does not have the "Special Questions" option. In fact, none of the available drop down options are related to my probl
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