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  1. Thank you to Aella B. Slain who is Mexican.
  2. Hi Jon, thank you for the compliment! About the eyes, my secret is : women's eyes 😊 (don't tell). You can get them inworld at TheSkinnery Mainstore : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fruitatious/137/113/24 Look for the Escape Eye Collection in the eye's dpt. Take care!
  3. I am basically born with SL in june 2003 (beta), so this is a little more than a Decade Challenge #SecondLifeChallenge. I think avies are like public figures or brands, one way is to stick with some elements that defines yourself and make it evolve. I always come back to beard, long hair, dark skin and clear eyes. Kind of an impersonation of Jesus. May be because the first person I met in SL was a preacher 😂
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